SPR’s 2016-17

Hi all,

I’m pleased and somewhat surprised to say we have made it to the end of our first financial year!  Yay!

After starting up in early October 2016, Strategy. Policy. Research. has been flat out the whole year.  As you can read in Projects, we completed or are completing 19 very exciting projects for a wide range of clients around Australia.

We’ve done two studies for NSW on the rapidly developing field of electric vehicles, including a benefit cost analysis and a study on the positive and negative ‘disruption’ effects we can expect to see.

We’ve completed a seemingly huge amount lot of work in the buildings policy field, including a major (90,000 word – be warned!) study on global best practices in the policy and regulation of the built environment – thanks to the CRC for Low Carbon Living.  We’ve also collaborated with Energy Action to help develop a technical solution for Section J (energy efficiency) of the National Construction Code for 2019.  We did a suite of projects for the Australian Government Department of the Environment & Energy related to buildings, including developing a nifty Code Calculator, that enables the Department to specify any combination of Code energy performance settings in 2019 through to 2028, and read out energy and greenhouse gas savings.  We also did a gritty study on the so-called learning rate in commercial buildings – addressing the question of how quickly Code compliance costs change through time.  Thanks to inputs on that one from quantity surveyors, Donald Cant Watts Corke and also to Energy Action.

We are just finalising our most recent tranche of work for the ACT – which basically answers the question, how soon can the ACT (stationary energy sector) reach zero emissions?  Oh, and how, of course.

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