Vale Hugh Saddler

The SPR network deeply regrets the passing of our dear colleague and friend, Dr Hugh Saddler, in Canberra on 29 June 2023.  Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Strategy. Policy. Research. Pty Ltd is an ecosystem of consulting economists, researchers and analysts who specialise in making the business case for sustainability.

Everything we do is about reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe passionately that transforming Australia into a low-carbon economy will deliver benefits for everyone – more investment, more and better jobs, more economic security, healthier and happier communities, and a better environment.

What’s more, we have the evidence to prove it.

Our highly experienced and professional staff work with data and other robust evidence to create a compelling case that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving resource efficiency can:

  • reduce business and household running costs
  • increase business profitability and household disposable income
  • enhance business reputation, helping to attract and retain customers and the best staff
  • enhance the capital value of buildings and other assets
  • create additional employment
  • deliver health, productivity and amenity benefits.

However, saying it doesn’t make it happen.  Transforming for sustainability takes leadership – above all – but also investment (of time and energy, and not only money), access to specialised knowledge and advice, and a supportive policy environment.

That’s why we work with governments, as well as businesses and communities, to help them enable the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our people have specialised knowledge in climate change policy and mitigation, energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy, energy markets, buildings and the built environment, transport and vehicles, and infrastructure.  They are highly skilled and experienced in:

  • strategy development and review
  • policy research and development
  • program evaluation and impact assessment
  • data analysis
  • economic modelling and analysis
  • benefit cost and multi criteria analysis
  • carbon accounting, inventories and projections
  • stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • report writing and presentation.

Strategy. Policy. Research. is founded on the nearly 40 year track-record of its Principal, Philip Harrington, in delivering highest-level economic policy, strategy and research services to international organisations, the Australian Government, state and territory governments, major cities and local governments, industry associations, community groups and companies.

Philip and his team of expert associates have delivered some 500 projects, large and small, over the last decade.

Working with Strategy. Policy. Research., you can enjoy the confidence that only comes from working with a proven, experienced team.

Our reputation is based on experience, professional service, attention to detail, and a team that’s ready to go above and beyond to deliver sustainability projects on time and on budget.

Our clients like us, and we like them!  If you haven’t worked with us before, get in touch.  We can put you in contact with people in your field that we have worked for.  Talk to them first, and then make up your mind.

Contact Philip on 0419 106 449 (+61 419 106 449) or philip_harrington@strategypolicyresearch.com.au