Completed Projects

Project NameClient NameClient TypeProject TypeYear CompletedLinks
Best Practice Policy and Regulation in the Built EnvironmentCooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon LivingInstitutionalPolicy research; Built environment; Energy efficiency; Buildings2017
CitySwitch Annual Evaluation - 2016City of SydneyLocal governmentProgram evaluation2017
Wind/Hydro IntegrationVestas InternationalCompany; InternationalPresentation; Renewable energy; Energy markets2016
ecoBiz program evaluationQld Dept of Environment & Heritage ProtectionState governmentProgram evaluation; Small and medium sized enterprises; Resource efficiency2017
National Construction Code 2019 Section J Technical SpecificationAustralian Building Codes Board (with Energy Action)Australian governmentBuilt environment; Buildings; Regulation; Benefit Cost Analysis2017
Section J MetricsAustralian Building Codes Board (with Energy Action)Australian governmentBuilt environment; Buildings; Regulation; Benefit Cost Analysis2017
Regulation Impact Assessment - Class 2 Dwellings in South AustraliaSA Dept of Economic Development (with Marsden Jacob)State governmentRegulation Impact Assessment; Benefit Cost Analysis; Policy research; Built Environment; Buildings2017
Cost Benefit Analysis of Options for Efficient Light Vehicle Fleet Incentives in NSWNSW Office of Environment & HeritageState governmentCost benefit analysis; Electric vehicles; Fuel efficiency; Transport sector2017
Changes Associated with Efficient DwellingsDepartment of the Environment & EnergyAustralian governmentPolicy research; Built environment; Energy efficiency; Buildings; Benefit Cost Analysis2017
ACT Transition to Net Zero Emissions - Stationary Energy/BuildingsACT Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development DirectiveState governmentCarbon strategy; Abatement potentials; policy research; Built environment; Buildings; Electric vehicles2017
ASBEC Industry Vision/Code Trajectory ProjectAustralian Sustainable Built Environment Council (with ClimateWorks et al)Industry associationCarbon strategy; Abatement potentials; Policy research; Built environment; Buildings; Benefit Cost AnalysisOngoingArticle about this project.
Issues Paper
Quantifying Commercial Building Learning Rates in AustraliaDepartment of the Environment & EnergyAustralian governmentPolicy research; Built environment; Buildings; Regulation2017
South Australian Government Emissions within Carbon Neutral AdelaideSA Dept of Environment, Water & Natural ResourcesState governmentEmissions inventoryOngoing
Net Zero Energy High Rise Residential MasterclassCity of SydneyLocal governmentPresentation; Carbon strategy; Built environment; Buildings2017
CitySwitch AdminstrationCity of SydneyLocal governmentModelling2017
Sector Sustainability Plans - Foundation Reports - Offices, Retail, Accommodation & EntertainmentCity of SydneyLocal governmentCarbon strategy; Modelling; Benefit Cost Analysis; Emissions projections; Built environment; Buildings; Waste2017
National Construction Code Savings CalculatorDepartment of the Environment & EnergyAustralian governmentModelling; Policy analysis; Built environment; Buildings2017
Regulatory Barriers to New Disruptive Business Models in the Electric Vehicle SectorNSW Dept of IndustryState governmentElectric vehicles; Policy analysis; Transport; Carbon strategy2017
Application of National Construction Code Energy Performance Requirements to Commercial Building RefurbishmentsDepartment of the Environment & EnergyAustralian governmentPolicy analysis; Built environment; Buildings; Regulation2017
Personnel PoliciesThe Agragrian KitchenCompanyPersonnel strategies2017
Business Energy Efficiency Project - Energy AuditsTasmanian Climate Change OfficeState governmentPolicy analysis; Energy efficiency; Energy audits; Small and medium sized enterpriseOngoing
Leading the Way- Low Carbon Policies and Measures in Australian CitiesCooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon LivingInstitutionalCarbon strategy; Policy analysisOngoing
Technical Review of The CIE’s Commercial building energy efficiency RIS methodology paper Department of the Environment and EnergyAustralian GovernmentTechnical review; Regulation impact statement; Benefit-cost analysisOngoing
Technical Review of Houston Kemp’s Draft Cost Benefit Assessment of Improving the energy efficiency provisions in the National Construction CodeDepartment of the Environment and EnergyAustralian GovernmentTechnical review; Regulation impact statement; Benefit-cost analysis2017
Annual and 3 year Review of City of Sydney CitySwitch program.City of SydneyState Government Program evaluationOngoing
Preliminary Impact Assessment of the Inclusion of Heating and Cooling Energy Load Limits in NatHERS SoftwareAustralian Building Codes BoardAustralian governmentBenefit-Cost analysis; Regulation Impact statementOngoing
Specialised advice on policy issues in the commercial buildings sector
Department of the Environment and EnergyAustralian governmentPolicy analysis



Past Projects

Strategy. Policy. Research. personnel previously worked at pitt&sherry and delivered the projects listed below.  Strategy. Policy. Research. notes that these projects were undertaken by pitt&sherry’s Carbon & Energy Team, and not by Strategy. Policy. Research.

Project NameClientDate Completed
Sustainability Victoria Carbon Zero AssessmentsSustainability Victoria
Development of Wind and Solar Specific NEM PricesACT Environment and Planning Directorate
Department of the Environment: Technical Assessment of Carbon Credit Methodology - Land & Sea TransportDepartment of the Environment08/08/2016
A2SE: Energy Productivity Roadmap: Built EnvironmentAustralian Alliance to Save Energy25/07/2016
City of Sydney: Sustainability Rating Tools - CommercialCity of Sydney00/01/1900
EcoDev: Evaluation of the economic effects of privatising FirstRate5Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources24/06/2016
End of Life Tyre Project Carbon Abatement PotentialClean Energy Finance Corporation00/01/1900
NABERS Common Area Energy and Water UseOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government14/08/2016
CEFC: University Performance Metrics: Scoping StudyClean Energy Finance Corporation00/01/1900
DIIS: Commercial Building Learning RatesDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science25/07/2016
DIIS: Advancing the National Construction Code: Initial ScopingDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science24/07/2016
Dept EcoDev: Review of potential new activities in VEETDepartment of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources00/01/1900
City of Sydney Accelerating Net-Zero High Rise Residential Buildings in AustraliaCity of Sydney00/01/1900
Assessment of Renewable Thermal Opportunities in VictoriaIT Power Australia Pty Ltd00/01/1900
DIIS: Pathway to 2020 update - Residential Building Energy Efficiency cost effectivenessDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science24/06/2016
AEMO: Energy Efficiency Policy Impacts on Gas and Electricity UsageAEMO00/01/1900
City of Melbourne: Assessment of Emissions Reduction OpportunitiesCity of Melbourne18/07/2016
City of Sydney: Sector Sustainability Plans: GHG Abatement Cost Curve AnalysisCity of Sydney00/01/1900
DIIS: Pathway to 2020 Benefit Cost Analysis: 2016 UpdateDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science25/07/2016
DEWNR: Presentation of Carbon Neutral Adelaide Multi Criteria AnalysisDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 09/04/2016
Solar PV AssessmentBurnie City Council26/02/2016
Leichhardt Council - 100% Renewable Energy in 2025Leichhardt Municipal Council00/01/1900
Brisbane City Council - Provision of fleet energy efficiency opportunities assessmentBrisbane City Council25/07/2016
Brisbane City Council - Energy Efficiency Opportunities - Ashpalt & AggregatesBrisbane City Council20/05/2016
Carbon Neutral Adelaide: Multi Criteria AnalysisDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 04/01/2016
Devonport City Council Energy Measures Follow up ReportDevonport City Council04/04/2016
DEWNR: Carbon Neutral Adelaide - Additional Analytical ServicesDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 18/12/2015
Palisade Gas Substitution ReviewPalisade Asset Management Pty Ltd04/04/2016
Victorian Energy Productivity Target analysis servicesDepartment of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources09/04/2016
Cogeneration Plant SurveyCity of Sydney25/10/2015
AGN: Executive Committee PresentationAustralian Gas Networks Limited18/12/2015
City of Sydney: CitySwitch Evaluation ModelCity of Sydney07/05/2016
Cadbury Administration Building Energy NeutralityCadbury Pty Ltd19/10/2015
City of Sydney: NCC 2016 SubmissionCity of Sydney28/08/2015
Adelaide - Siemens City Performance ToolAdelaide City Council09/04/2016
City of Sydney: Analytical Inputs into Final Energy Efficiency Master PlanCity of Sydney28/08/2015
Carbon Neutral Adelaide: Additional AnalysisAdelaide City Council24/06/2016
ACF: 2 Degree Energy Investment ForumAustralian Conservation Foundation05/09/2015
OEH: Maximising NSW Project Earning from the ERFOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government18/12/2015
Cost of gas for space heating in SASA Department of State Development18/12/2015
City of Sydney/C40: Sydney Framework for Energy Efficient CitiesCity of Sydney18/12/2015
Noosa Council Electric Bus TrialNoosa Council20/02/2016
Victorian DEDJTR - Desktop Review of Energy EfficiencyDepartment of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources24/07/2015
Water heating and cooktop performance updateGas Energy Australia09/04/2016
Gas versus electricity comparisonAustralian Gas Networks Limited28/08/2015
OEH Dubbo cluster transport presentationNSW Office of Environment and Heritage25/07/2015
NSW electricity demandBIS Shrapnel19/06/2015
Analysing future competitiveness of gas in NSW homesJemena19/06/2015
Aurizon evaluation of Ultimate diesel trialAurizon00/01/1900
Carbon Neutral AdelaideDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 27/07/2015
NABERS Commitment Agreement - Market ResearchNSW Office of Environment and Heritage06/07/2015
ERF: Facilities Method Review: Electricity GenerationDepartment of the Environment15/06/2015
Canberra Leisure Centre AS3598 AuditEnergy Brokers12/06/2015
Moreland Energy Foundation: 6 star evaluation scoping studyMoreland Energy Foundation16/06/2015
City of Sydney: Mirvac WorkshopCity of Sydney16/06/2015
ACT Business-as-usual greenhouse gas emissions modelACT Environment and Planning Directorate28/08/2015
City of Sydney: Additional Modelling and Related ServicesCity of Sydney15/06/2015
CEFC emissions ratings for transportClean Energy Finance Corporation27/07/2015
Modelling & Analysis for Review of the National TV and Computer Recycling SchemeDepartment of the Environment09/08/2015
DSD: Pilot Electronic Building Passport ProjectDepartment of State Development04/03/2016
OEH: NABERS Goverance Review: Additional ServicesOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government24/07/2015
DOI: Section J/NABERS Equivalence for OfficesDepartment of Industry17/03/2015
Launceston Aquatic Post Implementation ReviewLaunceston City Council14/06/2015
NEW OEH: Governance Review of NABERSOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government21/07/2015
City of Sydney: Energy Efficiency Master Plan ReviewCity of Sydney03/03/2015
CER - Technical Advisory Panel for solar and ASHP water heatersClean Energy Regulator00/01/1900
Tasmanian Alkaloids CTIP Post Project ReportingTasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd15/02/2015
TasRail - What are rail's economic benefits to Tasmania?TasRail00/01/1900
Aurizon Review of Premium Diesel Trial in LocomotivesAurizon07/03/2015
DOE: ERF Methodology Technical Assessment: Commercial BuildingsDepartment of the Environment09/01/2015
Bondi Junction Environmental Measurement Reporting and Interim TargetsWaverley Council23/03/2015
ACT Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Annual ReportsACT Dept of Environment & Climate Change00/01/1900
Report on optimal insulation levels of houses for each Australian climate zoneKnauf Insulation09/04/2016
Liquip - Economic Drivers of the Aviation IndustryLiquip Aviation23/05/2015
TasRail - Economic & cost estimate support for Tasmanian Freight Rail Revitalisation PPRTasRail15/06/2015
Vos - Expert judgement regarding 38 Avon Rd, South HobartVos Construction & Joinery Pty Ltd04/01/2015
NEEBP Stage 1 Communications PlanDepartment of State Development18/01/2015
Aquatic Centres Trigeneration - Feasibility StudyCity of Sydney12/10/2015
Moreland City Council - Electric Vehicle Fleet Feasibility StudyMoreland City Council06/09/2014
Projected residential prices for electricity and gasICANZ14/07/2014
Renewable energy for gas substitutionIT Power Australia Pty Ltd24/07/2015
DOE: Australia's Emissions Projections 2014 - Future Electricity DemandDepartment of the Environment10/05/2015
NSW Minerals Council - review of EPA non-road diesel CBANSW Minerals Council24/02/2015
ClimateWorks - Evaluating Australia's Opportunities for Energy Productivity ImprovementClimate Works Australia20/09/2014
Solar Access StudyVany Gunaratnam06/09/2014
Revised NatHERS Star BandsTony Isaacs Consulting14/07/2015
Tasmanian Alkaloids GHG Protocol VerificationTasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd26/01/2015
Department of Industry: G20 Paper on Multilateral Energy Efficiency ActionsDepartment of Industry10/11/2014
Advice on EITE industry electricity purchasesAustralian Industry Greenhouse Network08/07/2014
DOI Market Report - InsulationDepartment of Industry12/09/2014
City of Sydney: EEMP Employment Multiplier AnalysisCity of Sydney15/08/2014
Salini-Impregilo RTA registration of special purpose trailers.Salini Impregilo27/04/2014
TasRail: Economic Advice + Shiploader Economic Evaluation Stage 1TasRail13/12/2014
Ozone Special Account Cost Recovery ReviewDepartment of the Environment22/09/2014
QER emissions test coordinationQER24/02/2015
MLC services platform Third Party ReviewFreyssinet Australia Pty Ltd04/04/2014
City of Sydney data request (NABERS submission)City of Sydney05/05/2014
Skretting CTIP Milestone Verification ReportSkretting Australia13/06/2014
QRC Non-Road Diesel Emissions Scoping StudyQueensland Resources Council27/10/2014
Regulatory Harmonisation for downstream gas operationsGas Energy Australia15/06/2015
TasRail: The positive spillover benefits from rail in TasmaniaTasRail10/02/2014
ClimateWorks - SCLAA EEIG toolsClimate Works Australia18/11/2014
BOC Limited EEO ReviewBOC Limited07/02/2014
Gas and electric water heaters comparative performanceGas Energy Australia28/03/2014
Climateworks EEIG supply chain portalClimate Works Australia17/02/2014
DMITRE National Energy Efficient Building Project (NEEDP) - Phase 1: Project 1Department of State Development14/07/2014
DMITRE - National Energy Efficient Building Project: Project 2Department of State Development14/07/2014
BIS EEO energy assessment on road fleetBIS Industries07/03/2015
BIS EEO energy assessment off road fleetBIS Industries09/08/2015
BIS Industries EEO Assessment Plan revisionBIS Industries14/03/2014
City of Sydney: Basix Targets for Multi-Unit DwellingsCity of Sydney01/02/2014
TT Line Energy Reporting AssistanceTT-Line Company Pty Ltd00/01/1900
City of Sydney: Apartments Sector GHG Abatement Cost CurveCity of Sydney01/02/2014
Maddocks: Environmentally Efficient Design Local Planning PolicyMaddocks Lawyers01/02/2014
TASRAIL - Carbon Emissions AnalysisTasRail21/01/2014
Analysis of comparative performance of gas appliancesEnvestra Limited01/02/2014
National Waste Policy - Economic PerspectivesDepartment of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities05/10/2013
RET: E3 Program Data WorkshopDepartment of Resource, Energy & Tourism09/02/2014
DRET EEO transport sector workshopDepartment of Resource, Energy & Tourism22/10/2013
Energy Data Analysis - Sustainability Victoria - Resource Smart SchoolsSustainability Victoria17/01/2014
Estimation of diffuse emissions from CSG productionDepartment of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education20/01/2014
Sands Fridgelines NGER 2012-13Sands Fridge Lines23/11/2013
ICANZ - Smaller Office Opportunity StudyICANZ09/02/2014
Water heater performance comparisonGas Energy Australia15/09/2013
De-identifying the Commercial Building Baseline StudyDepartment of Industry02/02/2014
Blokker Pty Ltd Boiler Alternative Fuel OptionsBlokker Pty Ltd28/03/2015
Independent review of proposed brown coal mine fugitive emission factorDepartment of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education19/07/2013
ACT Low Emission Vehicle Policy StudyACT Environment and Planning Directorate04/02/2014
Grange Resources EEO ReportingGrange Resources14/02/2014
Energy Efficiency Information for TenantsACT Environment and Planning Directorate08/08/2014
ACT HWS Phase out RISACT Environment and Planning Directorate11/05/2014
Boags Hot Water OptionsJ Boag & Son Brewing Limited13/06/2014
WELS cost recovery analysisDepartment of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities13/07/2013
(OEH) Sustainability Advantage - SNP SecurityOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government24/06/2013
(OEH) Sustainability Advantage - Newell's Creek FleetsOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government10/03/2014
Hepburn Bio EnergyHepburn Shire Council22/10/2013
Illawarra Heavy Vehicle Cluster (OEH)Office of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government25/07/2015
Provision of advice on Smart Grids paperMarchment Hill Consulting20/09/2013
Water heater comparative performanceEnergy Networks Association12/05/2013
Advice to ACT on measuring progress to 2020 renewable electricity targetACT Environment and Planning Directorate20/09/2013
Review of draft report on ICT and emissionsClimate Risk17/06/2013
OEH Sustainability Advantage - Atlas CopcoOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government30/08/2014
ARA Carbon abatement study 2013Australasian Rail Association (ARA)01/03/2013
TfNSW double decker bus trialTransport NSW07/03/2015
City of Melbourne: GHG abatement studyCity of Melbourne04/02/2013
Devonport City Council Energy AuditsDevonport City Council15/09/2013
Hydro Tasmania: Wind Energy Fact SheetsHydro Tasmania31/08/2013
FleetWise NSW Program TransitionOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government19/01/2013
GEA: Provision of assistance with the submission of the ‘Energy Efficiency Information Grants’ applicationGas Energy Australia14/12/2012
Dubbo City Council - Additional Bridge Benefit Cost AnalysisDubbo City Council01/06/2013
TCCO: Evaluation of MeasuresTasmanian Climate Change Office11/03/2013
Central Land Council - Mining exploration activity in the NTCentral Land Council29/01/2013
DMITRE - Review of SA REESDepartment of State Development08/07/2013
Australia's emissions in 2012-13The Climate Institute02/12/2012
DCCEE: Quantitative Assessment of the Energy Savings from Building Energy Efficiency MeasuresDCCEE24/03/2013
Dubbo Cluster (OEH NSW)Office of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government30/08/2014
DRET - Framework for assessing energy use in the Aust Construction Sector[ARCHIVED] Joe Ritchie16/03/2013
DSEWPC - Financial modeling of income and Halon Bank disbursements under the Ozone Special AcountDepartment of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities10/02/2013
DOT Victoria - Skybus ReviewDepartment of Transport02/12/2012
Review Report on Benefits of InsulationEnergy Efficient Strategies02/12/2012
Break O'Day Council - George River Risk Management PlanBreak O'Day Council04/06/2013
NGER assessmentSands Fridge Lines27/10/2012
Aust LPG Association 2013-14 Budget submissionGas Energy Australia10/02/2013
QER waste tyre study Stage2QER02/12/2012
UTAS - Building V Energy AuditUniversity of Tasmania11/12/2012
ClimateWorks fuel efficiency standards projectClimate Works Australia06/10/2013
Gas industry submission to RET ReviewElgas Ltd02/12/2012
Gas appliance cost comparisons updateJemena Gas Networks (NSW) Limited02/12/2012
HINO NGV SURVEYHino Motor Sales Australia23/09/2012
Wesfarmers - EV Advisory ServicesWesfarmers 17/11/2012
Skretting Energy Efficiency and SustainabilitySkretting Australia10/10/2014
Energy Analysis Project[ARCHIVED] BIS Logistics10/11/2012
QVMAG Trigeneration Options[ARCHIVED] Launceston City Council15/09/2013
ARA study - Carbon abatement opportunities in railAustralasian Rail Association (ARA)17/02/2013
Fleetwise (OEH NSW)Office of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government15/07/2013
DRET - Facilitation of Energy Mapping trials with Visy logistics and Linfox logisiticsDepartment of Resource, Energy & Tourism21/04/2014
James Hardie - Carbon Price SeminarJames Hardie Australia Pty Ltd29/07/2012
Update and Verification of National Truck PlanTruck Industry Council02/10/2012
Jim Bain - Vision 2050 Policy DevelopmentJim Bain15/12/2012
Carbon Pricing Impact Assessment (Thermo King)Keypath Consulting01/10/2012
OEH NSW - Lend Lease Transport Energy Model for the Construction IndustryOffice of Environment & Heritage - NSW Government23/06/2015
Synthetic Diesel Trial (QER)QER00/01/1900
Green Truck Partnership (RMS NSW)RMS NSW00/01/1900
Hybrid Bus Project (Transport NSW)Keypath Consulting25/09/2012
Tamworth Cluster (OEH NSW)Keypath Consulting10/03/2014
Waste Tyre Market Assessment (QER)Keypath Consulting09/10/2012
EV Roadmap (Sunshine Coast Regional Council)Keypath Consulting02/12/2012
Technical Review of Contract (MYER)Keypath Consulting27/07/2012
Fleetwise (DoT VIC)Keypath Consulting02/01/2015
TCAP - Coastal Adaptation Options for Binalong Bay access - St Helens AreaLocal Government Association of Tasmania02/12/2012
Launceston Aquatic Centre Cogeneration TenderLaunceston City Council12/05/2013
ACT Action Plan 2: Renewable electricity modellingACT Environment and Planning Directorate02/12/2012
Glenorchy Waste Centre Legacy Methane AnalysisGlenorchy City Council24/11/2012
Coastal Inundation Assesment - Georges Bay SubdivisionPage Seager30/04/2012
ClimateChange - Website[ARCHIVED] Avery, Stephen14/07/2015
Coal Seam Gas Methods - Literature Review[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism02/12/2012
LGAT - TCAP - Lauderdale Inundation WorksLocal Government Association of Tasmania11/12/2012
Technical Viability Assessment - Community Energy Efficiency Program[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism24/11/2012
Tasmanian Alkaloids Energy AuditTasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd12/05/2013
Expert Advice supporting the ACT Climate Change StrategyACT Environment and Planning Directorate02/12/2012
McRobies Gully Methane StrategyHobart City Council24/11/2012
Provision of a list of existing energy efficiency information products and initiatives[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism26/06/2012
REMP - Peer Review of Heating and Cooling ReportEnergy Efficient Strategies21/05/2012
LCC Aquatic Centre - Expanded Business CaseLaunceston City Council25/02/2012
Tas Alkaloids Sustainable Energy ReviewTasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd29/11/2014
Grange: Alexander Street Office Energy AuditGrange Resources28/10/2012
DRET - Television and Large Visual Displays Energy EfficiencyDepartment of Resource, Energy & Tourism20/08/2013
LGA - Coastal Hazards AdaptationsLocal Government Association of Tasmania26/11/2012
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Community Energy Efficiency Program[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism11/03/2012
Gas and Electric Appliance Energy and Emissions EfficiencyJemena Gas Networks (NSW) Limited26/11/2011
Port Sorell - Sea level rise and tidal inundation vulnerability assessmentLatrobe Council15/11/2011
Lion - Burnie Cheese Factory - Co or Trigen Feasibility StudyLion Pty Ltd09/11/2012
Hobart Aquatic Centre Energy Losses StudyHobart City Council10/06/2012
LCC Methane from Waste Strategy - Adapting to the Carbon TaxLaunceston City Council25/02/2012
Flinders Island Sustainability PlanFlinders Council02/07/2012
Energy Efficiency - ElgasElgas Ltd02/12/2012
DRET - External Power Supplies - Scoping Study for MEPS ReviewDepartment of Resource, Energy & Tourism16/08/2013
ACT: Action Plan 2 WorkshopACT Environment and Planning Directorate21/05/2012
Break O'Day Council - Climate Change. Engaging Community in Climate ChangeBreak O'Day Council25/02/2012
Break O'Day Council - Climate Change Risk AssesmentBreak O'Day Council25/02/2012
UTAS Northern Energy Audits 2011University of Tasmania29/10/2011
Advice on new water heater STC calculation regulationsElgas Ltd02/12/2012
User Reference Group for NGGIDepartment of the Environment00/01/1900
ACT Action Plan 2 - Further AnalysisACT Dept of Environment & Climate Change21/05/2012
Skretting AS3598 Energy AuditsSkretting Australia09/04/2012
Training for use of ClimateAsystTasmanian Climate Change Office05/08/2011
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment - Dorset Councilpitt&sherry24/11/2012
Coastal Vulnerability - Braddon St Ulverstone SubdvisionMichael Best24/09/2011
Ulan Coal Mine - Expert AdviceMcCulloch Robertson02/12/2012
Electricity vs Gas Comparison CalculatorJemena Gas Networks (NSW) Limited25/07/2011
Estimation of National Benefits for Further Roof InsulationEnergy Efficient Strategies14/11/2011
DEDTA: Renewable Energy Strategy WorkshopDepartment of Economic Development & Tourism & the Arts27/06/2011
Heat pump water heater performance modellingDepartment of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education02/12/2012
Expert Reference Group on Building Energy Efficiency[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism21/05/2012
Policy and Program Options for Draft ACT Action Plan 2: Phase 2ACT Dept of Environment & Climate Change21/05/2012
DCCEE: Mandatory Disclosure Lighting Consultation[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism30/03/2011
Launceston - Natural Gas Rollout to Residential Customers[ARCHIVED] Launceston City Council13/02/2012
ACT Climate Change Action Plan 2ACT Dept of Environment & Climate Change27/06/2011
WA Building Commission - 6 star analysisDepartment of Commerce02/07/2012
Pathway to 2020 for increased stringency in new building efficiency standards[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism21/05/2012
DEDTA - Renewable Energy StrategyDepartment of Economic Development & Tourism & the Arts27/06/2011
DCCEE - Data Collection and Assessment of Baseline Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism08/02/2013
Coastal Risk Assessment - storm surge flooding and shoreline recession:- L.N.BarkerBarker, Linda (c/o Don Anderson - Consulting Engineer)24/09/2011
DEDTA - Carbon and RECs PricingDepartment of Economic Development & Tourism & the Arts30/03/2011
Home Sustainability Assessment Tool Outputs AnalysisDepartment of Resource, Energy & Tourism29/07/2011
EPSA - Gas Peaking Embedded GenerationEnergy Power Systems Australia Pty Ltd15/04/2011
Advice on draft amendments to RE(E) regulationsElgas Ltd30/01/2011
FEA Energy ReportingForest Enterprises Australia Ltd (Receivers & Managers Appointed (Administrators Appointed)29/11/2010
CER - Technical advisory panel for SWHClean Energy Regulator20/07/2015
Greenpeace carbon footprint calculatorGreenpeace Australia Pacific11/11/2011
Barrage Feasibility AnalysisJGB Holdings Pty Ltd15/11/2011
Bicheno Golf Course and subdivision - Sea Level rise and coastal erosion vulnerabilityExperience Consulting24/09/2011
Detention River, Hellyer, NW TAS; Hydraulic Engineering AssessmentDepartment of Primary Industries Parks Water & Environment26/07/2011
EPSA - technology awareness initiativeEnergy Power Systems Australia Pty Ltd19/10/2010
Skretting Climate Action PlanSkretting Australia11/10/2010
TIDB - Operations Business Case - documentation assistanceTasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd24/09/2011
Energy Efficiency Initiatives - Impact in the Western Australian EconomyGovernment of Western Australia Office of Energy27/06/2011
TIDB - Lower South Esk Irrigation SchemeTasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd01/01/2011
ICL - Enhancing Ecoblend market positionIndependent Cement and Lime28/05/2011
DCCEE - Assistance for Prime Minister's Task Group on Energy Efficiency[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism24/01/2011
Southern Water NGERS Reporting Scope 1[ARCHIVED] Southern Water29/11/2010
TIDB - Winnaleah Irrigation Scheme - Documentation AssistanceTasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd01/01/2011
Energy Efficiency Data FrameworkDepartment of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education10/08/2012
Specification of alternative water heater REC definitionsElgas Ltd30/01/2011
Deemed Savings Factors for NSW Energy Savings RuleNSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water05/10/2010
Andreas Hastrup - Waddamana wind farm developmentHastrup, Andreas26/07/2010
DCCEE - Scoping Study - Pathway to 2020 for Energy Efficient Buildings[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism09/08/2010
Water heater comparison reportDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts25/04/2011
DED - Energy Performance for SMEs WorkshopsDepartment of Economic Development & Tourism & the Arts28/06/2010
Revise New AccuRate Star Bands Report[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism29/05/2010
Optimal Building Star Ratings - Modelling SupportCentre for International Economics09/08/2010
Water heater RIS reviewElgas Ltd18/04/2010
Communication of Energy Efficiency BenefitsDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts27/03/2010
Evaluation of MCE electricity price report[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources Energy and Tourism12/02/2010
Proposed Port Sorell Marina Development - Climate Change AssessmentJGB Holdings Pty Ltd25/02/2012
TCCI Industry House Energy AssessmentTasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry15/03/2010
Economic modelling critiqueGreenpeace New Zealand21/05/2012
Computer MEPS - Australian Standards DevelopmentDEWHA11/03/2012
DPIPWE - Environment Division Sustainability WorkshopDepartment of Primary Industries Parks Water & Environment08/02/2010
FEA - Forest Carbon Sequestration ModelForest Enterprises Australia Ltd (Receivers & Managers Appointed (Administrators Appointed)23/03/2010
Gas Water Heater Standard and MEPSDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts25/03/2011
Nicholls Poultry Waste TreatmentNicholls Poultry19/03/2010
Building Energy Efficiency Framework Expert Reference GroupDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts26/11/2012
Assessment of coastal vulnerability of proposed Mersey Regional Industrial Estate (MRIE)Latrobe Council24/09/2011
ex post Evaluation of Residential Building Energy Efficiency StandardsDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts16/11/2009
DEWHA - NSEE Savings AssessmentDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts27/03/2010
AccuRate Star Bands for Eleven New Climate Zones[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources Energy and Tourism27/03/2010
CPRS permit auction designDepartment of Climate Change12/10/2010
Dept of Climate Change - Oil and gas project emissions and CPRSDepartment of Climate Change12/02/2010
Greenpeace New Zealand modelling critiqueGreenpeace New Zealand13/10/2009
Specialist Advice on Technical Aspects of InsulationDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts21/05/2012
pitt&sherry Carbon Indexpitt&sherry11/01/2016
pitt&sherry Carbon Indexpitt&sherry01/08/2009
Lester Franks - South Rd Subdivision Energy Star ComplianceJGB Holdings Pty Ltd14/11/2009
Elgas Analysis of heat pump water heater performanceElgas Ltd13/10/2009
Richard Tanner - Coolah Wind FarmTanner, Richard15/11/2009
MBA Six Star BCA Energy StandardMaster Builders Australia13/10/2009
ACT Housing hot water choiceACT Deparetment of Disability, Housing and Community Development12/02/2010
TCCO - Climate Change WorkshopsTasmanian Climate Change Office22/08/2009
Minimum Energy Performance Standards - Computers and Monitors - Review and Industry ConsultationDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts30/03/2011
Desktop Computer Energy Efficiency TestingDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts05/10/2010
Notebook Computer Energy Efficiency TestingDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts17/10/2010
Polytechnics - energy savings auditTasmanian Polytechnic15/08/2009
Installation of Wind Monitoring Mast at Mt Hope, Coolah (Project Management)Welsh, Jonathon22/08/2009
Australian Renewable Energy Market - Tasmanian State of PlayBlenheim Energy Limited19/06/2009
Analysis of Energy Efficiency ProgramsDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts10/05/2009
Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Electric Motors[ARCHIVED] Department of Resources Energy and Tourism29/09/2010
Mt Hope Wind Farm DevelopmentWelsh, Jonathon15/06/2010
Greenpeace Energy {R}evolution modelling for Australia 2007 to 2025Greenpeace Australia Pacific27/09/2009
GIA MRET SubmissionElgas Ltd15/02/2010
DEWHA Water Heating TaskforceGeorge Wilkenfeld & Associates12/02/2010
Energy Emissions TrackingThe Climate Institute09/08/2009
Emissions intensity of EthaneGeorge Wilkenfeld & Associates13/10/2009
Mandatory Disclosure Tenancy WorkshopDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts19/04/2009
Hot Water Sysytem Performance AnalysisDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts13/10/2009
2007/2008 National Greenhouse Accounts - Chemicals Subsector - 1.A.2.cDepartment of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education13/10/2009
ACT Greenhouse Gas Inventory (ACT GGI) 2005-08ACT Dept of Environment & Climate Change17/10/2010
Independent Specialist Advice on Technical Aspects of Insulation for the Energy Efficient Homes PackageDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts02/08/2009
Energy Efficiency Business DevelopmentDepartment of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts31/07/2010
Kiribati GHG Inventory TrainingMinistry of Environment, Lands and Agriculture Development13/10/2009
CCF (Victoria) Climate Change Guidelines and Tools RecommendationsCivil Contractors Federation26/07/2010
Concrete Cracking System AssessmentConcrete Slab Technology26/06/2009
TCCO - Data analysis of Five Star projectTasmanian Climate Change Office19/04/2009
OSCAR for ACT GovernmentACT Dept of Environment & Climate Change30/08/2010
Data Centre Energy Efficiency Scoping StudyDept of the Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts18/08/2012
Climate Futures - InfrastructureDepartment of Economic Development, Tourism & the Arts09/11/2010
EESG Expert PanelDept of the Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts15/12/2008
PJH2 - DEWHA - Mandatory DisclosureDept of the Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts08/03/2009
FEA Sustainability ReportForest Enterprises Australia Ltd (Receivers & Managers Appointed (Administrators Appointed)23/03/2010
Houston's Farm-Environmental Footprint StrategyHouston’s Farm Research & Development29/04/2010